Hello Fellow Educators!

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Welcome to my first WordPress.com blog.

About Me


Hello everyone! I’m Jennifer Lowton and I have had a long winding and always changing path in education. I served in my past roles as a Special Education Teacher, Reading Specialist, Computer Technology Teacher, Technology Integration Specialist, Adjunct Computer Applications Instructor and now PD Center Director.

Currently, I have a couple of positions that have me wearing many different hats in education each day that seem to complement each other well. I serve as Director of the Greater Manchester Professional Development Center providing PD support to NH and New England teachers in the area of technology in education. At the same time, I teach part-time in a small NH district working both with ESL students and as the Technology Integration/PD person for the district. At first the two positions seemed so disjointed and it was a little strange flipping hats between teacher and Director on a daily basis but it allowed for a lot of opportunities and I soon realized how they really were connected and even complementary.

I love that I have the unique opportunity to both work with students in the classroom and teachers in professional learning events grades PK12. For my positions, I feel like its having the best of both worlds. I’m able to practice and test out the strategies, ideas and resources that I bring to my training events in my own classrooms. There are opportunities for me to experience multiple grade levels, settings, needs, resources, and school cultures on a daily basis. That has been a great resource to bring to the table as a PD Center Director. This also promotes a lot of out-of-the-box thinking as I don’t work within the “idea-confining walls” of one school or one district even. I realize now how my thinking has changed about many things in education because I am exposed to these different settings and school communities.

I started to get back into blogging very recently which was something I had abandoned while serving in an earlier role and wish I had continued with. The blog I started again with at first was for the PD center and using Blogger. To read my posts on technology in education or for some great resources check out that blog created for the GMPDC site at gmpdc.blogspot.com.

To learn more about my center, the GMPDC, click here.


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