Awesome updates to Google Classroom

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Using Google Classroom but still opening and closing endless windows to grade students work? If you hadn’t noticed yet, some great updates were added to Classroom this year to streamline the grading process. When doing a training with staff recently, I shared some of these updates and they were really well received.

  1. Don’t open and close windows to grade student work. If their assignment is a Google Doc, you can now use left and right arrows or a drop down to flip between students work without needing to close or open additional windows.
    G Classroom Training Agenda and Assignment
  2. Create a comment bank: A great grading hack I learned recently was to use comments to quickly score work but retyping the same comments over and over again, can be cumbersome. Now you can click the three dots next to any comment you post and add them to a comment bank. To use a saved comment, put a “#” and then type any key word from the comment and a list will pop up.
  3. Return work right from the assignments. You can also return work just for one student or all and see their grades from the Google Document without going back to Classroom!
  4. Stream versus Classwork: Organize assignments for students with ease. Often, I would hear educators commenting on how the Facebook like stream was hard for both them and their students to organize and locate assignments effectively. Now there is a place called Classwork where you can still create and group assignments into topics (similar to categories) but you can also move these categories in any order such as Units of study, curricular themes or date segments. Then assignments within a topic can also be re-ordered. From the left, students and teachers can click on the topics themselves to filter assignments further and focus on just a group of assignments.
    Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 10.18.29 PM


For more on Google Classroom updates, check out the Google Gsuite Updates Blog.

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