Jenn Lowton’s Training Portfolio

Past Training and Speaking Venues

Starting Out as a Tech Trainer and Presenter in Education
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In 2000, I began a career in education as a Technology Integration Specialist training staff, students and community members how to become successful through the use of various types of technologies and digital tools. See my intro summary of my transition into trainer and presenter here.

SDE, a Highlights Magazine Subsidiary

I started out at SDE as both an eLearning Specialist and tech support for presenters connecting with trainers and presenters across the United States. Years later, I became one of those trainers traveling to different training venues across the US to train on a variety of technology topics. In 2020 and 2021, I was one of the highlighted speakers at the Illinois Tri-county training event, humbled to join a number of other incredible trainers from around the country.

Training Samples

Training Venues and Materials

Informational Video on Video Creation with WeVideo and Movenote

In addition to live training sessions, I have also created on-demand informational video tutorials either via text or spoken directions to help viewers better understand how something works and tips for using it successfully. This is a text only informational video showcasing online video editing and creation tools such as WeVideo and MoveNote that integrate with GSuite.

Event: MassCUE Googlepalooza

Event: Memphis TN Holy Rosary

Event: Hooksett Tech Institute Day June 20, 2016– Keynote Speaker

Training at MassCUE Googlepaloozas and Other Events

MassCUE is another organization I have done training for either in large event venues such as the Googlepalooza Conferences or individual training for a company, organization, or education facility. Here is the link to a past Googlepalooza. Scroll down to Trainers to see my bio and sessions.

Presenting at the Yearly NH Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference

A special highlight of my presenting and training career has been at the yearly NH Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. I started presenting and volunteering at this great event in 2010 connecting with trainers and colleagues from many locations. I have been a spotlight speaker, an all-day bootcamp trainer and concurrent session presenter at this event across almost 10 years. A program I started and ran for several years at this event that had a large impact was the student IT Help Desk that supported technology needs of attendees and presenters comprised of rising “techies” from multiple school districts.

Slide Presentation Examples

Examples of Training Session Documents/ Agendas

Chromebooks and Chrome Extensions