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Great YouTube Tips and Tricks Revisited

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I’ve posted and trained in the past about some of my favorite YouTube tips, tricks and tools and decided to share out both some new ones and revisit some of my old favorite gems.

  • Awesome YouTube Tricks to try

    • Quiet youtube: If you’ve ever been frustrated by all of the adds and distractions pulling students’ focus away from that great YouTube instructional video, then you will love the first two tips. Quiet Youtube or “quietube”  is a favorite that has been around for some time but I revisited it recently as they changed a bit how it functions. I used to just add the word “quiet” to before youtube, in the link. Now you pull a bookmarklet to your bookmars bar that creates a special quiet link complete with choices of white or black background to quiet out “all the noise” around that video you want students to focus on.Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 10.33.45 PM
    • ViewPure or Quietube. You decide! A colleague of mine, posted a great video demonstrating another tool alongside Quietube, called View Pure. Both have great pros. Check them both out in this  Example by Jenn Scheffer
    • Theater mode- a simple fix to remove some distractions without a bookmarklet or site, is to click the rectangle icon at the bottom right of any YouTube video and set a default on that device to Theater Mode which has the video spread across the screen with all other content pushed below it.
    • Gifyoutube: Want to create an informational gif quickly from something on a YouTube video? just put the letters “gif” before youtube in the link and a tool opens to let you edit, caption and customize a segment of that video into a gif.
    • Pwnyoutube: Need to download a video from YouTube to play offline or other reasons? type “pwn” before the words youtube in the video link  ( and it will bring to a screen with multiple download options.
    • Make the video loop with repeater after the words youtube:
    • Share a link to start at a specific time point you want in a video by right clicking on the video timeline and choosing “Start from here” Then share that link via Classroom or otherwise to start at the point chosen.
      • Or start at the time you want in the url 
          Can be shared 90 seconds in using this URL:
    • Resource links  to  check  out  even  more  great  hacks:

Great updates to Google Classroom

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Love that assigning different content to individual students now is an option.

Updates to Google Classroom

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How to Backup your Google Drive with Google Takeout

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How to Backup your Google Drive with Google Takeout

  1. Select the items you would like included in your backup.Takout to Download your data.png
  2. Click Next at the bottom
  3. Choose how you would like your .zip backup file sent: Via email (could be huge and fill your inbox) or in your Google Drive (preferred method).takeout2  Download your data.png
  4. go back to Google Drive after while and type *.zip in the search box.

Right-click on the file and choose Download to load on to a USB Drive, Computer other Drive  to save your backup.
Screenshot 2015-01-23 at 10.44.12 AM.png

How to Set a Google Document Link That Forces Each User to Make a Copy

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How to Set a Google Document Link That Forces Each User to Make a Copy

  1. When finishing a Google Document, go to the blue share square
  2. Change the link permission to Anyone with the link can View
  3. Do not copy this link. It’s not the one you want
  4. Go to the link at the top of your document and find the word “edit” in the link
  5. Erase the word “edit” and change it to say “copy”
  6. Copy the entire new link
  7. Paste it in a new window or tab to test it.
    Here is an example:
  8. When another person/student uses the link and clicks the blue Make a Copy button, it will automatically save their copy into their Drive.

How to Share Access to a Google Document with Others

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How to Share Access to a Google Document with Others

Step-by-step instructions on how to share something from your Google Drive with another person.

You can share out access to a Google file or folder either with a web link or by using the Gmail/Google Docs email address of the person you wish to share access with.

Sharing a file with an email address or mailing list from your Google Docs/ Drive list

  1. Go to and log in. (Same as going to the old Google Docs, just a new name)
  2. Check the box next to the file or folder you’d like to share by clicking on the icon to the left of each..
  3. Click the Share icon .         OR…… Right click on the file(s)  OR…
  4. Click the More menu and select “Share…”
  5. Click Advanced at the bottom right of the window that pops up.
  6. Under “Who Has Access” find and click the word “CHANGE” next to the option: “Private only the people listed below have access” and a 2nd pop up will appear.
  7. Now choose a visibility option  “Anyone with the link” or “Public on the web.” to share with everyone in the world or “Private,” to remove the link sharing option.
  8. Next choose what rights to give such as “Can Edit” so they can make changes, “Can Comment” to suggest changes, or “Can View” to only read and the FILE and MAKE a COPY to use their own copy.
  9. Click save and it will go back to the prior screen with a weblink at the top. This is the link you will need to copy to use in an email or website to provide access via a weblink for those who do NOT have a Google Docs accounts
  10. If the person(s) does have a Google Docs account, then just type the email addresses of the people you want to share with in the text box below “Add people.” You can add a single person, a mailing list, or choose from your contacts.
  11. Choose the access level from the drop-down menu next to each collaborator: “Can view,” “Can comment” (Google documents and presentations only), or “Can edit.”
  12. Click Share & save.