GMPDC App Review for April

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This month’s app review talks about Evernote. I can’t say enough about this app… I love it!

Whether you use an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Smartphone, PC, or Macbook in your daily journey or (like me) all of the above, this is the app for you. I used to have the irritating issue of taking notes for different meetings and projects only to store them in some folder and then find myself somewhere needing those notes but without that folder. I tried typing things on a laptop or netbook but this could be cumbersome and many times there was an impromptu meeting with no laptop in sight. Now, I never worry. As soon as I’m done taking notes, I take a picture with my phone or iPad and instantly upload them to an Evernote Binder. You can also email photos or documents with a provided Evernote email address. With Evernote, my notes for all meetings and all projects are with me no matter where I am and what device I have with me.

The other time-consuming task was finding websites related to a specific project and keeping them organized with my other notes and files for that project instead of in my bookmarks. With Evernote, there is a toolbar add-on that automatically captures any website and adds them to an Evernote notebook with all of the files you’ve collected for a project or meeting. There are more add-ons and other features with the paid version that I’m sure are worth looking into but I’ve been quite happy with the free version from

Have you used Evernote? Tell us about it!